Our specialty is machining and fabricating engineered plastic products. Some of these are standard catalogue items that we keep in stock; others are custom-made to our customers’ specifications. We accept orders for large and small quantities alike.

The people that work at Technicor are trained and qualified, including CNC operators, programmers, journeyman machinists, graduate technologists and engineers. All together we have nearly 100 years combined experience in precision plastics!

Standard Products

  • UHMW & NYLON Sheet, Tube, Rod
  • Thermoplastic Housings and Inserts
  • UMHW Hanger Bearings
  • Conveyor End Bearings Plastic
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Thermoplastic Ball Bearings
  • Plastic Poultry Conveyor Wheels
  • Skatewheel Ball Bearings
  • SI-Series Chain Tensioners

Custom Products

  • Chain Guides & Curves
  • UHMW Conveyor Drag Flights
  • Plastic Sprockets
  • Custom Molded Ball Bearing Assemblies